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Whilst we do offer a stock blood transport bag the majority of transport bags that we manufacture are bespoke bags made to meet our client’s exact needs. Almost all of the bags have a custom print offering instructions to the user. Most Trusts have their name printed on the bag as by doing this the product is denoted as being “bespoke” by HMRC and therefore becomes VAT exempt; a 20% saving!

Manufactured in a wide range of coloured film the bags can vary in gauge, the size of the bag and the volume of samples the bag is designed to carry denotes the gauge required. 60 micron is the most popular film gauge as this offers a good strength of film and has excellent puncture resistance.

Absorbent pads can be inserted into the bags at the production stage to assist with any potential spillage issues within the bag. Using our new leakproof specimen bag can greatly reduce the risk of spillages!

We offer two types of seals for these bags, self adhesive and gripseal, both formats can also incorporate a punch carrying handle and a perforation line to assist with gaining access to the bag when it arrives at the analysing location.

transport bags inline 01 Blood Sample Transport Bags
Over recent years we have seen a growing interest from some laboratories that want to incorporate a unique sequential barcode into the bag design. The addition of a sequential code makes each bag unique and therefore tracking of the samples whilst in transit can be put into place offering a greater level of management and security. The format of the barcode can vary to suit any existing system you might have in place, Code 128, Code 39 etc.
transport bags inline 03 Blood Sample Transport Bags

Our GS1 Accredited Track and Trace software eTrakLogic will offer you the ability to effectively manage your samples whilst they are on the move. Email me if you require more information

gs1 certified solution Blood Sample Transport Bags


The latest addition to our stock range of products is our outer Specimen Transport Bag. Measuring 350mm x 440mm +50m lip. The bag features a permanent adhesive seal and the lip incorporates a perforated line to assit with the opening of the bag. The bags are boxed in 500’s and available on a next day service. Samples are available on request.

speciment transport bags 01 Blood Sample Transport Bags

We also have a stock Blood Products Transport Bag that we offer within our Laboratory Stock Products Programme. The bag is 250mm x 320mm +70mm header with a punch handle for carrying. Printed with a red instruction message the bags are supplied in boxes of 1000. Call one of the NHS team on 01625 432094 for prices.

speciment transport bags 02 Blood Sample Transport Bags